MidKnight Software (AKA Destination Software prior to 2002), a programming group for the TI-89 and TI-92+ graphing calculators, made innovative RPGs for TI calculators in the late 1990's through 2004. At that time, we specialized in creating high-quality RPGs for TI calculators that boasted advanced graphics and innovative gameplay. The first game we programmed on the TI calculators, Final Fantasy Destination, a RPG that expanded on Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series, was released in 1998. FFD won the prestigious Program of the Month award POTM for October 1999 that was presented by ticalc.org, still a leading website in the TI calculator community in 2017.

Our history may be in TI calculator games, but we aspire to produce future games for current technology- stay tuned.


We are reborn as of June 2017. With nearly fourteen years between game releases, we are excited to once again bring new and innovative products to the gaming scene. Given the massive technological leaps in the interim, we anticipate our horizon is limitless. Even after being quiet on the TI scene for nearly fourteen years, as of Aug 27, 2017 Midknight Software (still labeled Destination Software on ticalc.org) ranks as number 637 on ticalc.org most downloaded authors of all time, out of approximately 10,300 current authors.



A large scale, award winning RPG that expanded upon the spectacular story of Final Fantasy VI created by Squaresoft. Final Fantasy Destination was released on ticalc.org in 1998. For at least two years, FFD topped the charts. It won the prestigious Program of the Month award given by POTM in October of 1999. It is still being downloaded as of September 2017.

Final Fantasy Destination gameplay Captured by a member of ticalc.org in 1999 when FFD won Program of the month.

ZENITH SAGA(TI-89 and TI-92+)

Originally released as demos for both the Ti-89 and the Ti-92 basic and plus versions, Zenith Saga became a fan favorite rapidly. Written completely in M68k assembly, our second RPG, Zenith Saga, was released in 2004 under Midknight Software. Zenith Saga was a FEATURED PROGRAM on ticalc. org in March of 2000 and July 2001. In March 2000, Zenith Saga's demo v2.00 was nominated for the Program of the Month POTM award on ticalc.org. Zenith Saga is still being downloaded on ticalc.org as of September 2017. There are still demos available for both the Ti-89 and the Ti-92+.

Zenith Saga Video

Gameplay of Zenith Saga Captured by Kodi Mosley.




MidKnight Software was born as Destination Software in September of 1997 with only two original members, Kodi Mosley and Luis Lebolo. Now we are a strong group of five with members stretching across the globe. The original company name, Destination Software, was given in honor of our 1st RPG, Final Fantasy Destination. This game put us on the map and set a new standard that we intend to break with every title. However, in April 2002 we decided to change the name of our group to MidKnight Software.


Though we seemed quiet and inactive in the years following Final Fantasy Destination, we were busy with our second game. Those years were spent developing Zentih Saga and honing our programming, writing, and graphic art skills. When Zenith Saga was finished, written completely in 68K Assembly format, we released the full version in 2004. We had already begun putting out demos for Zenith Saga, to high praise, well before it was finished. Zenith Saga was released as a two part demo in March 2000 and July 2001, amid stunning reviews. In fact, in March 2000, Zenith Saga's demo v2.00 was nominated for Program of the Month POTM by ticalc.org. Both games are still being downloaded.


Though it has been fourteen years since Midknight Software has released a game, we are working on remedying that. Work has begun not only on the website, but on a new and exciting project. With new members, new input into the direction Midknight Software will now take is inevitable. We are excited to see where we end up...join us.


October 1999 —Final Fantasy Destination won the prestigious Program of the Month POTM award handed out by ticalc.org.

March 2000 —Zenith Saga was a FEATURED PROGRAM on ticalc.org.

March 2000 — Zenith Saga's demo v2.00 was nominated for the Program of the Month POTM award on ticalc.org.

July 2001 — Zenith Saga was a FEATURED PROGRAM on ticalc.org.


Kodi J. Mosley-- founder/ executive producer/ programmer/ writer

Luis M. Lebolo-- co-founder/ executive producer/ story planner/ game designer

Joanne Gabriel -- composer

Legend of the Crystals was written by Joanne specifically for the intro scene of Zenith Saga, in which we are introduced to the meaning behind the crystals that Crein and Faith will risk their lives for.

Wilson Guillaume -- CG artist

Jamil Gonzalez -- tester